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How does it work?

Our mobile app is a fun and engaging way to look at art and connect with other people.

What else does it do?

Artmatcher provides you with the chance to learn about art and become a more educated buyer.  Basic art history, or advanced learning, will make art galleries less intimidating, museums more fun, and buying art a great experience.

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Who uses Artmatcher?

If you have ever used Uber to find a ride, Spotify to find a song, or Tinder to find a date, then you have used matching engines. To bring our art community together, we are seeking people and companies to try us out and be part of our initial release.


Seeking BUYERS that are looking to learn, love and maybe buy art. BUYERS will connect with galleries and artists that are friendly, knowledgeable and able to provide the art services you need.


Seeking GALLERIES that are looking to show their art, find interested buyers and artists and guide people through the process. GALLERIES will connect with buyers seeking their expertise and services and artists that need representation.


Seeking ARTISTS that are looking for galleries and buyers to appreciate and buy their pieces. ARTISTS will connect with buyers interested in their style and price points, and with galleries that have the wall space and services to represent their brand.