Art appreciation has come a long way since the days of simply admiring a painting in a gallery. With technology advancing and the art world expanding, new ways to connect with and learn about art have emerged. Artmatcher is one such platform, and its Art Tags are revolutionizing how art is experienced.

About Artmatcher Art Tags

So, what exactly are Artmatcher Art Tags? Simply put, they are small stickers or cards that hang next to artworks in galleries, museums, studios, or out in the street near public art. With a tap of your phone on the tag, you are immediately transported into the Artmatcher experience, where you can learn about the piece and connect with others who share your passion for art.

Advantages of Art Tags

One of the biggest advantages of Artmatcher Art Tags is that they provide immediate access to information about the artwork. No more trying to remember the name of a piece or the artist’s background – simply tap the tag, and all the information is right at your fingertips. And as a bonus, this information can be saved to your Artmatcher profile, allowing you to easily reference it later.

Another advantage of Artmatcher Art Tags is the opportunity to connect with other community members. By tapping the tag, you can access the Artmatcher community, where you can chat with other users, attend events, and learn about art. Whether you are an artist, gallery, museum, or art lover, Artmatcher Art Tags provide a way to connect and build relationships with those who share your passion.

But Artmatcher Art Tags are not just for the user but also a valuable tool for artists, galleries, and museums. By hanging Art Tags next to artworks, artists, galleries, and museums can increase their exposure and connect with more potential art lovers. The Artmatcher platform also provides real-time reporting on the performance of each artwork, helping artists, galleries, and museums to see what resonates with visitors and make informed decisions about their future offerings.

Get Involved

Artmatcher Art Tags are more than just stickers or cards – they are a powerful tool for experiencing, learning about, and connecting with art. Whether you are an artist, gallery, museum, or art lover, Artmatcher Art Tags have the potential to enhance your art experience and bring you closer to the world of art.

So if you are an artist, gallery, or museum, request art tags to hang in your space. And if you are an art lover, keep an eye out for Artmatcher Art Tags next time you’re out and tap into a whole new world of art appreciation.

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