Travion Payne‘s solo exhibition will take place at MRG Fine Art Gallery on September 18th from 7 pm to 9 pm. Guests will have the pleasure to experience Travion Payne’s first exhibition of his new profound series, Misunderstood. The name of the show is called Deviant.

Travion Payne’s Artist Statement

Artist Travion Payne is an African American artist from Houston, TX. While he has recently acquired a BS in psychology, his passion for creating art has never left him. He likes to utilize his psychological background to create thought-provoking paintings to influence his work’s viewers emotionally. He enjoys painting portraits using various vibrant colors and textures to add depth to the meaning behind each painting. His art sheds light on controversial topics that will give insight into the issues that black men face. Topics such as mental illness correlate with religion, colorism, homophobia, and fragile masculinity within the black community. Although the paintings feature predominantly black men, the themes can apply to various groups of people. The images include hidden symbolism as well, which intertwines with the numerous meanings behind each painting. Lastly, his paintings fuse apparent contradictions, seeking to heighten the spectator’s experience by creating immersive portraiture. His work explores an array of human emotions that are associated with different facial expressions. Through his positive and negative experiences, he has learned that there is power and beauty within emotion.

To learn more about Travion, check out his episode on the Artmatcher Podcast.


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