Art tech has dramatically transformed our interactions with and appreciation of art. Previously dependent on physical visits and static exhibits, art museums have now adopted digital platforms to engage a broader audience and deliver more captivating experiences. In this digital age, mobile apps have emerged as indispensable tools, with their influence extending to the realm of art museums. These apps offer users unparalleled opportunities to delve into the art world and elevate their museum encounters. By granting effortless access to information, multimedia content, and customized suggestions, apps are revolutionizing the way we engage with art both inside and outside museum boundaries.

This blog post will explore the three best apps for art museum enthusiasts, including Artmatcher, Google Arts and Culture, and Bloomberg Connects. We’ll delve into their key features, benefits, and partnerships and examine how each app contributes to a richer and more engaging art experience.


Artmatcher is a social community app that revolutionizes how people connect with, learn about, and experience art across digital and physical spaces. The app caters to artists, galleries, museums, and art lovers, fostering a vibrant and interactive environment for art lovers.

The purpose of Artmatcher is to innovate how individuals discover, engage with, and appreciate art. The app aims to create a personalized and immersive art experience for its users by combining tech-enabled experiences, education, and social networking.

Key features

  • Art discovery through AI and machine learning: Artmatcher employs AI to curate a personalized art profile based on users’ preferences. By swiping on art, the app learns about users’ tastes and provides tailored recommendations that cater to their unique interests.
  • Personalized art recommendations: Using the personalized art profile, Artmatcher matches users to artwork, events, and experiences that align with their preferences. This feature allows users to discover new artists, galleries, and museums catering to their interests.
  • Social networking features for art lovers: Artmatcher fosters community among art lovers by allowing users to chat with other members, attend events, and learn about art together. The platform connects artists, galleries, museums, and art lovers, encouraging engagement and fostering relationships among those who share a passion for art.

Benefits and advantages for users

Artmatcher offers numerous benefits for its users, such as providing a personalized and immersive art experience, connecting users with like-minded individuals, and offering educational content tailored to users’ interests. The app also helps artists, galleries, and museums increase their exposure and engage with potential art lovers, providing real-time reporting on the performance of each artwork.


Artmatcher has partnered with numerous organizations, including:

  • Fort Lauderdale Art and Design Week
  • Artexpo New York
  • Superfine Art Fairs
  • Urban Art Fair
  • The City of Hollywood, FL
  • Coral Gables Museum

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture is a free app and website that aims to make art, culture, and history more accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. Launched in 2011 as the Google Art Project, it has since evolved into a comprehensive platform that showcases millions of artworks, historical artifacts, and cultural treasures.

The mission of Google Arts and Culture is to democratize access to art and culture by leveraging technology. It aims to break down barriers, such as distance and socio-economic factors, that prevent people from experiencing art and culture firsthand and to inspire a lifelong love for art.

Key features

  • Virtual museum tours: Google Arts and Culture offers virtual tours of more than 2,000 museums and galleries worldwide. Users can explore renowned institutions like the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the British Museum, all from the comfort of their homes.
  • Artwork recognition and information: With the “Art Recognizer” feature, users can point their phone’s camera at an artwork to instantly access detailed information about the piece, including the artist, title, medium, and history. This feature is especially useful for in-person museum visits and fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of art.
  • Personalized recommendations and collections: Based on users’ interests, Google Arts and Culture provides personalized recommendations, allowing individuals to discover new artists, styles, and movements. Users can also create and share their own collections, fostering a sense of community and connection with fellow art enthusiasts.

Benefits and advantages for users

Google Arts and Culture offers numerous benefits for users, such as providing easy access to high-quality images of artworks, enabling exploration of global art institutions, and promoting art education through informative content. Additionally, the app serves as a comprehensive platform for discovering and engaging with art in a more personalized and interactive manner.


Google Arts and Culture has partnered with numerous organizations, including:

  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York
  • The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
  • The National Gallery, London
  • The Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  • The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Bloomberg Connects

Bloomberg Connects is a free digital app that enhances visitor experiences at cultural institutions worldwide. Launched in 2014, the app enables users to access a wealth of information and interactive content tailored to specific museums and galleries, enriching their visits and fostering deeper connections with art.

The purpose of Bloomberg Connects is to transform the way people interact with art and cultural institutions by providing an innovative and engaging platform. The app aims to support cultural institutions in their mission to inspire, educate, and connect with visitors by offering a digital extension of the museum experience.

Key features

  • Interactive guides and multimedia content: Bloomberg Connects offers interactive guides and multimedia content, including audio and video, to provide users with a rich and immersive experience. The app delivers curated content about artworks, artists, and exhibitions, allowing visitors to dive deeper into the art and stories behind the works on display.
  • Accessible in multiple languages: To ensure accessibility for a diverse audience, Bloomberg Connects supports content in multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and making the museum experience more inclusive for international visitors.
  • Visitor feedback and engagement: The app encourages visitor feedback and engagement, allowing users to share their thoughts and impressions about their experiences. This feature helps museums and galleries to understand their audience better and adapt their offerings accordingly.

Benefits and advantages for users

Bloomberg Connects provides numerous benefits for users, such as delivering tailored content that enhances their understanding and appreciation of art, offering a more personalized museum experience, and enabling users to stay connected with their favorite institutions. By supporting multiple languages, the app also promotes inclusivity and broadens the reach of art to an international audience.


Bloomberg Connects has partnered with numerous organizations, including:

  • The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
  • The Science Museum, London
  • The Brooklyn Museum, New York
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney
  • The Serpentine Galleries, London

Wrap Up

Technology has undeniably changed the way we experience and appreciate art, making it more accessible and immersive than ever before. The top three apps for art lovers – Artmatcher, Google Arts and Culture, and Bloomberg Connects – each offers unique features and benefits that cater to diverse interests and preferences, transforming our interactions with art museums and cultural institutions. By leveraging these powerful tools, art lovers can explore the world of art from the comfort of their homes or enhance their in-person museum visits with interactive and personalized experiences. Embrace the power of technology and enrich your art museum journey with these innovative apps that bridge the gap between art, culture, and the digital world.

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