Below you’ll find answers to the questions we most frequently get asked about Artmatcher.

Artmatcher is a mobile app that serves as a digital tour guide to build custom art experiences. By swiping on art imagery, our patent pending machine learning engine matches users with the artists, galleries, fairs, museums, and events that have the art they want to see.

No, Artmatcher is not an art marketplace.

Artmatcher is a mobile-first, multi-sided, social and education app that delivers real value to modernize the market for art. It was founded on the belief that human relationships and greater knowledge are more valuable to the business of art than simply another digital marketplace.

Artmatcher is completely free to use and there are no advertisements in the app.

First, download our mobile app on the App Store or Google Play. We’re available in over 30 countries and recently launched in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Once installed, create your user profile and swipe on artwork to begin the matchmaking process. Swipe right to like an image or left to dislike. It’s that easy.

Visit our App page for more information, including onboarding videos for each user type.

The Artmatcher community is open to all artists, galleries, and lovers of art. Our app provides each user with unique digital and in-person art experiences, no matter their level of education or skill.

Additionally, Artmatcher helps new and casual collectors expand their knowledge of the art world, thus eliminating feelings of uneasiness some may experience when visiting an art gallery or fair.

As you swipe on artwork, our learning engine will match you with artists, galleries, fairs, museums, and events that fit your interests and have the art you want to see. The more you engage in the app, the more your breadth of personal networks and geographic locations will expand.

Artwork in Artmatcher is grouped into Categories and Styles. The categories supported in Artmatcher include:

  • Abstraction
  • Conceptual
  • Figure
  • Historical
  • Landscape
  • Objects
  • Portraiture
  • Religious
  • Still Life
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