The Fort Lauderdale Art and Design Week (FTLADW) is a celebration of the best in art and design worldwide. This award-winning event has been taking place for five years and is a premier showcase for the arts, architecture, cinema, dance, music, and theater. It’s an opportunity to explore new trends in art and design while making valuable connections within the industry.

About Fort Lauderdale Art and Design Week

Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week is a result of the desire to unite all of Broward County’s artists and arts & cultural institutions to highlight all that the county has to offer through an annual self-guided tour and celebration of everything art and culture throughout the Greater Fort Lauderdale area with the ultimate goal of establishing Fort Lauderdale as an international cultural destination.

What Type of Events Does FTLADW Offer?

The event is jam-packed with inspiring art exhibitions, interactive workshops, and exciting panel discussions. Networking opportunities are available for industry professionals and artists just starting. Attendees can also browse the exhibitions to get a taste of what’s currently trending in the art world. There are even hands-on activities for younger visitors, making the event a great family outing.

How is Artmatcher Involved?

This year Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week will partner with Artmatcher to create a curated self-guided tour and enhanced Art & Design Week experience. To get involved, download the app, so you are ready to use it at participating FTLADW museums, galleries, and restaurants.

The Cultural Impact of FTLADW

The Fort Lauderdale Art and Design week is an amazing opportunity to discover new talent and be inspired by the creativity of established professionals in the industry. More importantly, it is an incredible asset to the community. Attracting visitors far and wide, FTLADW is an amazing opportunity to showcase the talent and institutions of the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

It is an exciting time for art aficionados and design lovers, so don’t miss out!

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