In this episode of the Artmatcher podcast, Josh Kasper, art collector and founder of Art Basel & Beyond, speaks with Reilly Clark about the importance of stories and relationships in art.

About Josh Kasper

Josh Kasper is an art collector and advocate known for his passion for uncovering the hidden world of studio creation. A native of Connecticut, Kasper moved to New York City after completing his undergraduate studies at Providence College to pursue a career in finance. He has worked for some of Wall Street’s iconic firms, including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, and S&P Global. However, art has always been Kasper’s escape from the competitive world of corporate America, and he has been a collector for many years. Kasper founded Art Basel and Beyond in 2020 to showcase artists and their work through live and virtual studio visits.

About Art Basel & Beyond

Art Basel and Beyond is an initiative founded by art collector and advocate Josh Kasper. The project aims to celebrate artists through studio visits that uncover their transition into the art world and the inspiration behind their pieces. Kasper’s studio visits go beyond the traditional concept of exploring an artist’s background by showcasing their artwork and studio. The project features a range of artists at different points in their careers, from up-and-coming artists like Amy Shekhter and Roderick Hidalgo to hyperrealist icon Carole Feuerman. Art Basel and Beyond also offer gallery visits and collection visits, which explore the journeys of gallerists and art collectors. All visits can occur in person or virtually, providing a direct conduit into the world beyond the art.

About Artmatcher

Artmatcher is a social community platform for art lovers, artists, galleries, museums, and events. It connects people with curated social communities, art experiences, and gamified education based on their interests and actions. Using a patent-pending machine learning model, Artmatcher builds a profile for users and recommends tailored content, including art, social experiences, and educational opportunities.

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