Dominic Lopez’s solo exhibition will take place at MRG Fine Art Gallery on July 17th from 7 pm to 9 pm. Guests will have the pleasure to experience Dominic Lopez’s newest exhibition. The name of the show is called Lifeline.

Dominic Lopez’s Artist Statement

Dominic Lopez has been invariably intertwined in both the art and business worlds; while he recognized his creative interests at a young age, he went on to study economics at the United States Naval Academy. Lopez served 6 years as a Naval officer in the Navy, earning the rank of lieutenant, as well as an MBA at the Naval Postgraduate School to further dive into the world of finance. As he grew in the financial sector, he leaned into the full exploration of his artistic interests in the forms of painting and writing, he also studied at the Art Institute where he received a BA in film. As Lopez continues to marry passions for both business and the arts, he has since made a successful career as a film producer and director.

The act of creating is both meditative and introspective for Lopez, and through his paintings, he provides viewers with the same opportunities to pause and reflect. This series aims to ground us in the present moment, to combat the external overstimulation that results in living unconsciously, almost robotically at times. With this work, Lopez creates an alternate world to get lost in, whether it be through the grand scale of larger-than-life canvases or the hypnotic linework with rich textures of carefully placed paints, each piece has a strong and unique energetic presence. With the use of bold colors and graphics, Lopez calls the viewer’s attention and challenges us to explore the elicit feelings within.

To learn more about Travion, check out his episode on the Artmatcher Podcast.

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