Artmatcher is excited to announce its official release on the Apple App Store. This new mobile app provides a platform where artists, galleries, and buyers can experience art and connect with others in a fun, engaging way. In a few simple actions – onboard, swipe, match – Artmatcher’s patent-pending recommendation system expands the potential for parties to connect, build relationships, and share knowledge about the world of art.

Over the years, the art industry has been devastated, and the mid-market has been suffering from structural problems being amplified by the pandemic and the lack of modernization. The research found that should the mid-market not eliminate these obstructions, diversity would not expand among artists, galleries, and buyers, and thereby a generation of new entrants would be lost.

In 2020, a group of thought leaders in tech, fashion, music, and finance, along with development partner Cloudshadow, used their extensive experience in identifying these inefficient markets to build a new technology that would help solve structural issues. The group revealed its brand, Artmatcher, and committed to innovate and inspire the market. Their mission was to deliver a bold, creative solution to connect artful people that should do business together.

The mobile app has been constructed on proven design patterns that improve UX and extend user engagement: The app’s matchmaking system uses a Tinder styled swiping for instant feedback on imagery, an Instagram focus on connecting users through visual content, and a Spotify styled learning machine to run the recommendation engine. The result is threefold: Artists receive access to galleries that have the services they need, as well as feedback on their art. Galleries receive connections with buyers, in addition to buyer feedback on their works. Lastly, buyers receive more knowledge about the art they prefer, where to learn more about it, and the option to begin a conversation with experts in that genre.

The Artmatcher experience is at no cost to any of the parties involved. There is no cost to create a profile, no cost to list artwork, no commission on sales, and no hidden charges. Artmatcher simply brings parties together, based on preferences, so that they can match and start a conversation. The company is currently inviting galleries and artists to create a profile and begin curating art within the app. Though buyers cannot onboard at this time, those interested can subscribe to the app’s VIP buyer’s list and be the first to be notified in the October/November timeframe.

Download the app today for iOS through the App Store, and look for the upcoming Android release, coming soon to Google Play.

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