Alyson Shotz is a contemporary artist who is known for her installations and sculptures that investigate the relationship between space, light, andsound. Her work often incorporates elements of chance and unpredictability, as she explores how our perception of space and time can be altered by simple changes in perspective.

Alyson Shotz’s work often references the natural world, as she is interested in how our environment shapes our understanding of the world around us. In her series “Gravity” (2002-2003), for example, she Suspended small objects in midair using a system of pulleys and weights, creating an ethereal and otherworldly effect.

In recent years, Alyson Shotz has increasingly been working with video and sound, creating immersive installations that engage the senses. In her installation “The Pool” (2010), for example, she used thousands of glass beads and a custom-designed sound system to create a disorienting and mesmerizing experience for viewers.

Alyson Shotz’s work challenges our assumptions about the world around us, and invites us to consider the role of perception in our understanding of space and time.