The Byzantine Empire was one of the great powers of the medieval world. It is famous for its art, literature, and architecture, as well as for its political and military power. The Byzantine Empire was the Eastern Roman Empire, which survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. The Eastern Roman Empire continued to exist after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and it even flourished during certain periods.

The Byzantine Empire reached its height under Emperor Justinian I, who ruled from 527 to 565 AD. Under Justinian’s rule, the Byzantine Empire reconquered much of the territory that had been lost by the Western Roman Empire. The Byzantine Empire also developed a strong legal system during Justinian’s reign, and Justinian’s code of laws, known as the Justinian Code, became the basis for much of European law.

The Byzantine Empire declined after Justinian’s death, and it was eventually conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1453 AD.