A contour drawing is one in which the artist defines the outline of the subject without any details, such as shading. The purpose of a contour drawing is to capture the essence of the subject matter while omitting any distractions. This type of drawing can be useful for studying the proportions of an object or for simply observing its form.

Contour drawings can be created with any medium, but they are most commonly done in pencil or charcoal. When creating a contour drawing, the artist often begins by outlining the general shape of the object before adding any smaller details. It is important to avoid lifting the pencil or charcoal from the paper while drawing, as this will break the contour and make the drawing less accurate.

Some artists choose to use a single, continuous line to create their contour drawings, while others may use multiple, shorter lines. The important thing is that the lines are fluid and expressive, without any breaks. There should also be a sense of rhythm to the drawing, so that it flows smoothly and effortlessly.

Contour drawings can be challenging, but they are also a great way to really see an object and capture its essence on paper. With a little practice, anyone can create beautiful and accurate contour drawings.