Homer of Ancient Greece was an iconic poet, believed to have written the two great epic poems – The Iliad and The Odyssey. He is credited with laying down the foundations of Greek literature and has been praised by many ancient authors for his literary works. His style of writing was influential on subsequent generations of writers, particularly in the West. Homer is also renowned as one of the earliest and most influential storytellers in history, inspiring generations of authors with his captivating tales. Through his works, Homer’s voice has resonated throughout the ages, impressing his literary genius upon humanity across centuries. His works remain amongst some of the most widely read and studied pieces of literature even to this day. The stories provided an insight into the lives of the people during that time, giving us a glimpse into their beliefs, values, and way of life. Furthermore, Homer’s works have provided us with valuable insight into the development of Western literature and culture. His influence on later generations is undeniable, making him an incredibly important figure in our history.