Religious art is art related to or influenced by religion. Religious art has been produced in many cultures and religions throughout history. It can take the form of visual arts, including paintings, sculptures, architecture and even video games; or performing arts, such as music and theatre.

Religious art is often intended to uplift the viewer spiritually, or to communicate religious ideas. It can also be a form of propaganda, or be used to celebrate or commemorate religious events.

Religious art is not necessarily explicitly religious, but can also be secular in nature. However, it is often difficult to determine whether a work of art is religious or secular, as the two are often intertwined. For example, a painting of the Virgin Mary may be religious because of its subject matter, but it may also be secular because of its style or approach.

Religious art is often found in churches, temples, mosques and other places of worship. It can also be found in private homes, public buildings and even on the streets.

There is no single definition of religious art, as it can take many different forms. However, there are some common features that are often found in religious artworks. These include the use of symbolism, the depiction of religious figures, and the inclusion of sacred texts.

Symbolism is a key element of religious art. Symbols can be used to represent ideas or concepts that are difficult to communicate in words. For example, a cross may be used to represent the Christian concept of the Trinity, or a Star of David may be used to represent the Jewish concept of God.

The depiction of religious figures is another common feature of religious art. Religious figures are often portrayed in a positive light, as they are seen as representatives of a higher power. However, they can also be depicted in a negative light, as they may be seen as symbols of evil or sin.

The inclusion of sacred texts is also a common feature of religious art. Sacred texts are often used to convey religious messages or ideas. They can be written in the form of prayers, hymns or even just simple statements of faith.