Sasha Krivtsov, born (Alexander Krivtsov) June 6, 1967 in St. Petersburg, Russia, is probably best known as the bass player for the House Band on the TV reality shows Rock Star: INXS, Rock Star: Supernova and The Voice. He has played with singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton. He toured and recorded as bassist with Cher, Tina Turner, James Blunt, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Billy Idol, Badly Drawn Boy and multi-platinum pop band The New Radicals. Sasha and the House Band (Rafael Moreira (lead guitar), Paul Mirkovich (keyboards), Jim McGorman (rhythm guitar) and Nate Morton (drums) toured the United States with Paul Stanley (from KISS) in October/November 2006 as well as Australia in April 2007.

Before immigrating to the United States, Sasha was a band member of the No. 1 rock band in the Soviet Union, Zemlyane, with whom he frequently performed before crowds of more than 10,000 fans and sold 20 million records. Now living in Los Angeles with his wife, Deon, and his two boys, Jazz and Tyler, Sasha is also an accomplished visual artist and sculptor.

Sasha is currently the bass player on NBC’s The Voice (USA) and has held that position since the show’s first season. He is seasoned on the electric bass, upright bass, acoustic bass, and bass synthesizer.