The LA Art Show is a modern and contemporary art fair that includes art from various artists, as well as lectures and discussions on the arts. It’s held at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

In this article, we will give you an overview of what to expect when visiting the show for the first time!

About the LA Art Show

The LA Art Show exists to bring together artists, art aficionados, and patrons in order to share ideas about different forms of artistic expression. It is held in LA Convention Center, which features more than 180,000 square feet of exhibition space.

Typically there are over 200 exhibitors, with over 40 of them being the galleries that are considered to be most prestigious.

The LA art show also features lectures and discussions on issues involving contemporary arts in America, as well as panel sessions featuring artists who have had their work featured at the LA Art Show.

The History of the LA Art Show

The LA Art Show was founded in 1994 by Kim Martindale to showcase American Regionalism and Historic works. Originally held in Santa Monica, it moved to downtown Los Angeles in 2009, where it became the catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles.

Since then it has gone on to achieve great fame, despite many in the art community initially doubting it. In fact, it has been so successful, many of the other arts events in the city have moved to downtown to piggyback on the LA Art Show.

When Is the LA Art Show?

Typically the LA Art Show takes place at the beginning of January. This year, however, there was a summer run given COVID.

But in 2022, it is back to its normal time at the start of January. The exact dates for the 2022 show are January 19 – 23.

What You Can Expect at the Show

There are several different things you can expect when attending the LA Art Show for the first time! First of all, plan on doing some walking – it’s estimated that one visit takes about three hours in total.

While there, you can expect to see a lot of art in various forms. You’ll find paintings on display as well as sculptures, installations, and more!

Like many art shows, there is so much to see, that each visitor can define their own experience that agrees with their taste.

So Who Should Attend?

If you appreciate any form of art or expression, then you should attend. Both seasoned art aficionados and newcomers are perfectly at home because there is so much to see and do.

If you are thinking about going, don’t hesitate, we are sure this show will entertain you.

How Can I Attend & What Does it Cost??

Tickets for these events can be purchased online or at the door. Tickets are typically about $20. Some events may have an additional fee associated with them. These fees are typically low and get you access to exclusive panels that discuss more in-depth topics related to art.

If you will be driving, also plan to pay for parking at the LA Convention Center. Parking is typically about $25.

Look for Artmatcher

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But you also don’t need to wait for the show. Download it now and be artful!

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