In this week’s episode of the Artmatcher Podcast, Alex Kupczyk and Michael Goodman have an honest conversation about the journey to becoming an artist. The duo discusses art school and gets vulnerable answering questions like, is art school worth it when you could be creating on your own? How do you find your preferred artistic medium? What is the transition from school to a career like? How do you determine your value as an artist, especially as a young one? Alex shares the inspiration behind his most recent artworks and walks listeners through the technicalities of producing a piece of art.

About Alex Kupczyk

Alex was born in California, the first son of two animators. His first serious decision towards being an artist was upon applying to an Art High school called LACHSA.

After high school, he attended the Art Center College of Design, where he became dedicated to the fine arts.

Alex has benefited from a ruthlessly critical eye and the ego to combat it, giving himself the permission to make large-scale works and work with mediums that might feel daunting.

Check out his work on Instagram @alexkupczyk or on his website.

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