In this episode of the Artmatcher podcastMichael Goodman speaks with Antoine J. Girard (AJ) about his work in curating meaningful art. The duo delves into the difficult questions concerning accessibility and equity for artists, especially artists of color.  They discuss all the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into curating art and supporting both their artists and their collectors. AJ shares insights into his personal curation style, along with the value of understanding art.

About Antoine J. Girard

Antoine J. Girard is an arts professional and a cultural strategist passionate about the arts and social change. His interests include black visual culture and inclusive engagement strategies, which he addresses via his community relations at the Underground Museum in Los Angeles.

His efforts have helped gain him recognition from The American Alliance of Museums, and the Western Arts Foundation, where he was recognized as an Emerging Leader of Color.

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Key Moments

00:40 Getting to know AJ
4:30 The truth behind curation and equal opportunity in the art world
16:12 Supporting both artists and collectors
29:25 AJ’s approach to curation
45:20 The value of understanding art

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