On this episode of the Artmatcher podcast, Michael Goodman speaks with two special guests, Avi Boyko and Lee Taylor Jones. The trio debates the benefit of creating art amongst chaos versus in an organized environment, along with the philosophy of thinking versus doing. They delve into the logistics of creating art, from initial thought to a finished piece of work. A question arises among the group: Can fine art infiltrate fashion without becoming tacky? Avi and Lee give some insight into what they’re working on and what’s inspiring them at the current moment.

About Avi Boyko

Avi Boyko is a member of SAG-AFTRA: Avi Boyko is a comedic and heartwarming bilingual actor who loves to work in theater, film, webisodes, and TV.

Follow Avi on Instagram @aviboyko.

About Lee Taylor Jones

Lee Taylor Jones is a contemporary artist and graphic designer known for his unique geometric paintings and graffiti art. Drawing on experience as a trained apparel designer and street artist, his work is also heavily influenced by a background in graphics and fashion, with a penchant for clean lines, structure, and abstract subjects.

Follow Lee Taylor Jones on Instagram @leetaylorjones.

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