In this episode of the Artmatcher podcastCayla Birk speaks with Michael Goodman about her the importance of art and its accessibility.

About Cayla Birk

Cayla Birk has spent nearly a decade honing her contemporary artistic style. An intellectual by nature, Birk.’s work takes us on a journey of culture, wit, music, literature, and everything in between. A modern day muse, the artist teaches us with every new body of work in her distinct signature style. Cayla’s Neo-Dadaist playful designs pervade all of her varying series – her instantly recognizable gestures and marks boast austere verbiage and shroud depictions.

In her more recent exhibitions, Birk. plays with the concept of familiar objects made large, often embedded with secret cyphers. A large portion of Cayla’s works merge traditional acrylic paints with other unique materials; she transcends the confines of mixed media art to create a style all her own. Birk.’s work can be seen at numerous international contemporary art fairs and has been acquired by many private collectors.

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