In this episode of the Artmatcher podcastMichael Goodman speaks with Gabe Gault over some wine. Gabe shares details about the mural he’s working on, along with plenty of interesting tales recalling his experiences in the art world. They discuss new fads in the industry, and which are worth participating in. They get into the over-saturated nature of the current art market, and, importantly, just how cool Gabe’s dad is.

About Gabe Gault

Gabe Gault’s work challenges the assumptions. Employing classical painting techniques while using modern mediums, Gault bucks conformity, not allowing himself or his work to be easily defined. Channeling Renaissance portraiture and still-lifes, Gault explores his identity as a Black American, re-appropriating, breaking down, and repurposing Colonial influences in order to celebrate Culture. The symbiosis of classic imagery representing abundance and wealth and the modern fascination with innovation and forward movement is at the core of Gault’s vision as an artist. Nothing is only one thing, and Gault’s work sets out to challenge our notions of labels and reductive definitions.

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Key Moments

  • 00:30 Getting to know Gabe
  • 13:30 Sneak peek into what Gabe’s working on
  • 30:02 Art in the digital age
  • 37:30 Can everyone be an artist?
  • 45:20 Gabe’s cool dad
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