The Baptism of Christ by Andrea Mantegna depicts the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist. The scene is set in a river, with John standing on the bank and Christ kneeling in the water. Christ’s body is turned towards John, who is looking at him attentively. His left hand is raised in a gesture of blessing, while his right-hand rests on Christ’s head. Christ is looking up at John, and his face is calm and serene. Behind them, there is a group of men and women who are witnessing the event.

The painting is full of movement and energy, from the ripples in the water to the flowing robes of the figures. The colors are also very vivid, making the scene seem almost unreal. The overall effect is one of great power and drama.

The Baptism of Christ is a particularly important painting for Mantegna, as it was his first major work. It established him as a leading artist in Italy and helped to launch his career. The painting also has a strong religious significance, as it depicts one of the most important events in the life of Christ.