Ghirlandaio (1486-1576) was one of the most prolific and popular Florentine painters of his time. His workshop produced many works, both religious and secular. He is best known for his frescoes, which adorn the walls of several churches in Florence, including the Cappella Sassetti at Santa Trinita and the Chapel of the Magi in the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi. Ghirlandaio also painted a number of portraits, including one of Lorenzo de’ Medici (the Magnificent), and Dante Alighieri.

Ghirlandaio’s style was characterized by its strong realism and attention to detail. His subjects were often drawn from contemporary life, and his portraits were particularly lifelike. Ghirlandaio was also a skilled draughtsman, and his drawings are highly prized today.

Ghirlandaio was an influential teacher, and his workshop was one of the most productive in Florence. Many of his pupils went on to become successful painters in their own right, including Domenico Ghirlandaio (his son), Piero di Cosimo, and Andrea del Sarto.

Ghirlandaio died in Florence in 1576.