The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City is dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art in the world. The museum has a collection that includes some of the most iconic and significant works of art from the last century, as well as a comprehensive program of exhibitions and public programs. The museum is also home to a world-renowned research library and archives, which contain more than 2 million documents, including artist files, exhibition catalogues, and primary source materials.

The Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1929 by a group of artists and collectors who wished to create a space for the display and discussion of modern art. The museum’s collection has since grown to include work by some of the most important and influential artists of the last century, such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Jackson Pollock. The museum is also home to a number of important architectural works, including the Museum of Modern Art itself, which was designed by Yoshio Taniguchi.

In addition to housing one of the largest and most significant collections of modern art in existence, MoMA also plays a vital role in supporting and developing new artists. The museum offers a variety of education programs for both children and adults, as well as public lectures, films, and other events.