On this episode of the Artmatcher podcast, Michael Goodman speaks with acclaimed artist, Nora Martin-Hall. Nora, who dropped out of art school several times, shares her opinions on the concept of education and if it’s truly necessary for success. The duo discusses the phenomenon of artists limiting their work to a single medium, along with artists pivoting to the NFT market. They delve into the perception of value in the art world and why consumers choose to invest their money.

About Nora Martin-Hall

Nora hails from Whittier, CA, where she was raised among a lineage of artists. She began her career as a tattoo artist during high school, later pivoting to pursue her love for painting.

Nora is a classically trained figurative painter and sculptor, and has spent time working as a professional artist and muralist for companies such as Universal Studios, Adidas, Buick and Angel City Brewery. Her oil paintings can be found at prominent art fairs and exhibitions across the globe.

Check out her work on her Instagram pages @noramaha & @btrfce or on her website.

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