On this episode of the Artmatcher podcastMichael Goodman speaks with the company’s very own founder, Scott Stiner. Scott shares the unconventional journey that landed him in the art world as both a collector and a founder. He gives valuable advice regarding how to spot a business opportunity and optimize it, which is precisely what he did with Artmatcher. The duo discusses bridging the gap between technology and art, the intricacies of being a collector, and much more.

About Scott Stiner

Before he materialized his vision for Artmatcher, Scott did not shy away from infiltrating other sectors with his creative business acumen. He is both the CEO of Cloudshadow Consulting and the General Manager of Alberio Energy.

Scott recognized his interest in art during college, as he pursued a degree in architecture. Although he pivoted away from a career in design, he continued to be drawn to art, primarily from the perspective of a collector. His passion for the world of art has now come full circle as he helps propel Artmatcher to success.

Follow Scott on LinkedIn and Instagram, and check out the Artmatcher website.

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