On this episode of the Artmatcher podcast, Shlomo Tuvia speaks with Michael Goodman about his journey to becoming a successful artist and entrepreneur. Shlomo shares memories of growing up in Israel with deaf parents, moving to Los Angeles, and starting his own business. The duo touches on pivoting careers, building a reputation for yourself, and using experience to create compelling art.

About Shlomo Tuvia

Shlomo Tuvia is a prolific artist and successful entrepreneur. His art deeply reflects his life experiences, like growing up in the small town of Rehovot, Israel, with deaf parents.

After moving to the U.S. at twenty-one years old, Shlomo began his career as a commercial painter and an artist.

His artistic initiative, Body Art, gained great recognition in the Los Angeles art community.

Check out his work on Instagram @shlomo_tuvia or on his website.

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