Joseph Csaky (1888 – 1971) was a French sculptor, avant-garde artist and illustration of the principles of Cubism and Constructivism. He is considered as one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century.

Csaky was born in Hungary but moved to Paris in 1906. He started out as an artist and painter, studying at the Académie Julian. He later turned to sculpture, creating works such as “The Kiss” and “The Sleeping Muse.” His Cubist sculptures, characterized by their geometric forms and angular surfaces, helped to shape the development of Cubism and Constructivism.

In addition to his sculptural work, Csaky was also a prolific graphic artist, creating many illustrations, posters, and book covers. He also designed theater sets and costumes and wrote several essays on art theory.

Csaky died in 1971, leaving behind a legacy of significant works that continue to influence the development of modern art.