The Los Angeles Art Show 2023 is one of the most exciting and diverse events in the art world, with galleries and artists from all over the world showcasing their works. Among the many exhibitions, one that is sure to draw significant attention is The Artist Collective, presented by MRG Fine Art. This monumental exhibition is celebrating MRG’s 10th year of exhibiting at the LA Art Show and will feature over 25 contemporary artists, ranging in age from 20 to 90. The exhibit will also showcase an Artmatcher Art Walk.

The Co-Curators

The Artist Collective is co-curated by Michael Goodman and Tara Barone, two young professionals with nearly 30 years of collective experience in the art world.

Michael Goodman

Michael Goodman is a Los Angeles-based visual artist, curator, art dealer, entrepreneur, and founder of MRG Fine Art Gallery. He has been hosting exhibitions at his gallery for the past 16 years and has participated in over 50 art fairs in various cities, including Miami, New York, Chicago, and Palm Springs. He is also a consultant on works by blue-chip artists such as Picasso, Warhol, and Keith Haring, and is an authority on artwork by Richard Hambleton.

Tara Barone

Tara Barone is a fine art dealer, advisor, curator, art historian, and writer. With over a decade of experience in gallery management and fine art sales, she has worked with prominent private collections in New York City and international institutions. She specializes in niche markets like Picasso ceramics, limited edition prints, and traditional Aubusson tapestries, and has dealt in works by modern masters like Calder, Miro, and Leger.

The Exhibition

The Artist Collective is grounded in a mission to create an open platform for a diverse roster of emerging and established artists. With over 120 artworks in various mediums and artistic styles, the exhibition has something for everyone, with accessible price ranges to make art more accessible to a wider audience. The exhibition is a tribute to MRG’s roots in Los Angeles and is expected to showcase many local creatives, some making their debut to the city’s art scene.

The Artist Collective can be found at booth #1333 at the LA Art Show, February 15 -19, 2023 in Downtown Los Angeles at the West Hall of the Convention Center.

The Artist Collective Art Walk

Attendees to The Artist Collective will have the added bonus of using Artmatcher Art Tags to learn more about the art. Art Tags are small stickers or cards that hang next to artworks in galleries, museums, studios, or streets. Attendees can tap their phones on the tags to learn about that piece, watch videos, connect with the artists, and share and interact with the broader art community.

 Services for Artists and Collectors

In addition to the exhibition, Michael and Tara are excited to offer valuable services to artists and collectors. They will help emerging artists launch their creative careers and place their works around the Greater Los Angeles area, in addition to brokering and advisory services to collectors. With their extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the art world, Michael and Tara are motivated to create a more inclusive and accessible art world through this platform.

Exhibiting artists

The artists include: Jeanine Anthony, Bradley Benjamin, Cayla Birk, Avi Boyko, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Rachel Chamberlain, Eli Coccetti, Jayne Cooper, Morgan Echols, Melody Emrani, Bert Esenherz, Linda Jacobson, Carrie Kaplan, John L. Hill, Dominic J. Lopez, Matthew Lum, Rickie Magendavid, Jennifer Miller, Aida Murad, Nathan Singer, TACHE, Shlomo Tuvia, Galeet Gia Z, Creative Vice.

The LA Art Show 2023

The LA Art Show is an international encyclopedic art exhibition that takes place annually in Los Angeles, typically in January/February. It is the largest and most comprehensive contemporary art fair on the West Coast, attracting art galleries within the United States and exhibitors from over 20 countries around the world. This year, the show will be held from February 15 to 19 at the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.


The Artist Collective will be a must-see exhibition at the 2023 LA Art Show. With over 120 artworks in various mediums and styles, there’s something for everyone at The Artist Collective. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check it out, and make sure to find Artmatcher at The Artist Collective exhibit.

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